Anxiety in Children

Is Your Child Suffering from Anxiety?

Is your child showing signs of fear when going to bed at night or when there is a storm outside? When the room is darkened, around domestic pets, or around his/her peers? Does your child avoid being alone, or being in specific rooms, or act nervous in public places? Does your child complain of daily stomach aches, headaches, eye and facial twitches/tics, and report that they feel their heart racing or pounding heavy inside their chest, along with having sweaty palms and goose bumps?

If your child is having difficulty with falling asleep or staying asleep, exhibiting irritability or outbursts of anger, having difficulty with concentration, appearing hyper- vigilant or having an exaggerated startle response, he/she may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

How can therapy help?

To treat anxiety, children are taught relaxation techniques as one cannot be relaxed and anxious at the same time. They learn to examine their thoughts and feelings in more effective ways and are encouraged to engage in exercises that test the validity of their assumptions to the extent that they are able to develop healthier and more realistic ways of viewing and responding to previously feared situations/ stimuli. Treatment at times also includes biofeedback, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Movement Therapy, Puppetry, Role Playing, Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy and Supportive Psychotherapy.

If your child is suffering from symptoms as mentioned above, it is most beneficial for the child to have him/her begin treatment as soon as possible. The sooner the anxiety and its symptoms are addressed, the less likely it is to "cement" itself and result in further emotional and/or physical difficulties and the sooner your child will be back living as children should: Carefree without worries and stress.

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