Life Transitions

Are you struggling with major transitions in your life?

The correct response: "who isn't?" change is difficult for us all! Even changes that are desirable such as the birth or adoption of a baby, buying a new home, going away to college, getting married, or starting a new job often result in much anxiety. We find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed and questioning our ability to be successful. At times we may even experience feelings of guilt related to not being able to fully "enjoy" the seemingly positive changes in our lives. Other life transitions include changes that are not desirable or welcomed such as losing a job, break-up, separation or divorce, being diagnosed with a chronic, painful or embarrassing medical condition, dealing with a loved one's addiction, caring for aging or ill parents, and death. These events are often accompanied by feelings of anxiety, guilt, anger, and sadness. We often find ourselves isolated from others as a result of expecting them to misunderstand, to think of us as incompetent or weak or to feel burdened by our troubles.

How can therapy help?

Therapy provides a safe and non-judgmental place for us to express our concerns and feelings and to gain perspective of the changes that have taken place. The therapist works to often "normalize" the situation, validate feelings, and help in identifying effective ways of coping successfully with the changes.