Substance abuse

Are you abusing substances?

Substance use issues often begin as a way of managing difficult feelings like anxiety, sadness, and pain. Issues involving substances range in severity depending on the substance used, duration of use, quantity, tolerance, and the impact it has on one's functioning in different areas of life. Someone who abuses drugs or alcohol often puts themselves in risky situations and has difficulty meeting daily obligations due to intoxication or hangover. Substance abuse and dependence often results in marital or family issues, recurrent legal problems, failure to meet work or school obligations, and interpersonal issues.  Common substances abused include alcohol, cocaine, prescription pills (pain killers), heroin, LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), inhalants, and some over-the-counter medications. Treatment is often initiated in different stages of the recovery process. At times, individuals seek treatment because of pressure from their family and/or significant other because the use has had such a major impact on their life. Other clients come to treatment because they would like to be better able to manage their substance use and are unsure of where to begin. Finally, individuals enter therapy to feel more supported in their recovery, to recover from a recent relapse, or to prevent a relapse from occurring.

How can therapy help?

Therapy helps individuals identify issues that led to and maintain alcohol and drug use. Therapy is at times offered on individual or group basis and often involves the individuals as well as his or her family. Treatment enables individuals to work through the issues that triggered their addiction, and develop the skills needed to begin and maintain their recovery. Understanding the psychological and physiological components of addiction is an important part of recovery. Therapy is also an important addition to traditional 12-step programs. Call us today to begin your process of recovery!