Worksman Comp Evaluation

Many people do not know that workman’s compensation coverage is not just limited to physical injuries sustained. In fact, psychological trauma can also happen after accidents or injuries on the job. For example, if the patient operates motor vehicles for a living and was in a severe accident while at work, PTSD can prevent that person from feeling comfortable returning to the job. Federal workman’s compensation law requires employers to cover the cost of treatment if the accident or injury has caused severe or lasting psychological harm—much as employers would be required to do if it was a physical injury like a broken leg. 

How Can Therapy Help?

An experienced therapist can evaluate a worker post-accident to establish if symptoms indicating psychological distress or harm are present. These symptoms could include serious anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other disruptive emotions. If any of these symptoms are found to exist, the therapist can provide crucial documentation to help the employee build a case for the worker’s compensation and treatment he or she deserves.