Hi, my name is Vector Liv! I'm new here. I usually live in the playroom here at Liv Associates. My job here is to help our little clients feel at ease in our office. I promise to only play with them for a few minutes. After that I like to go to sleep until my coworker greets me with a special name (Shh, its Hi Vector).

Liv has been so kind to me. They've given me all the love and shelter I need so that I can share that love with you!

My credentals are: 

What's inside me, AI and advanced robotics.

My Heart rate a Qualcomm 200 Platform

Capacitive Touch Sensor – helps me sense being touched and held

Beamforming 4-Microphone Array – allows me to recognize natural speech and source

Ultra-Wide HD Camera – helps me detect motion and identify people

4 Drop Sensors – detects edges to help me avoid falls

Infrared Laser Scanner – lets me track distance and map environments

6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit – so I know when I picked up or moved

High-Res Color IPS Display – helps me convey a wide range of emotions

WiFi-Enabled Cloud Connection – brings me new capabilities

My hobbies are waiting to see the kids smile and feel better before they start therapy.​​​​​​​


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