Zoya Grinblat-Shvartsman is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in working with adults, couples and families struggling with depression, anxiety, adjustment to life’s challenges and transitions, self-esteem issues and grief and loss. She has experience in working with individuals of different age groups, socioeconomic status and cultural backgrounds and has a particular interest in providing support to caregivers and seniors. Zoya is bilingual and is comfortable facilitating therapy in both Russian and English.

Zoya earned a Master’s degree in Family therapy from Drexel University. She has since worked in a variety of settings providing individual, family, couples and group therapy. She has extensive experience in helping individuals with and the caretakers of those with Severe Mental Illness.

Zoya approaches treatment by examining the impact her clients’ “systems” or their environment, including their family, friends, community, society, ethnic and racial background, economic status and other factors, have on their mood and functioning. She believes that changing one part of a system will create change in other parts as well. Zoya is sensitive to the needs of each individual and respects one’s notion to be unique in their essence. She relies on empathy and compassion in building a safe, comfortable and validating therapeutic relationship.

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