Anxiety is our body's way of warning us about danger in the environment. Not only does everyone experience anxiety, but it is also a necessary emotion that motivates us for action (ex. If one did not worry about passing a test she would not study for the exam.) Anxiety that is exaggerated or is taken out of context often is not experienced as motivating but as debilitating. Individuals experience anxiety differently and as a result of different fears. Some experience fears that are specific to a stimuli or situations such as snakes, flying, or severe weather. Others experience anxiety in social situations related to fears of being rejected or criticized. Anxiety at times results in physical symptoms such as panic attacks or gastrointestinal issues. For others anxiety leads to developing very rigid and specific rules by which they must conduct themselves to manage their feelings.

How can therapy help?

Once a trusting relationship is established with one of our qualified therapist, treatment for anxiety focuses on identifying patterns in one's thoughts and behavior that contribute to the excessive worry or fears. It also focuses on helping individuals learn to let go of anxiety by teaching different forms of relaxation. Biofeedback therapy where precise instruments measuring physiological activity such as brainwaves, heart function, breathing, muscle activity, and skin temperature to provide 'feed back' information to clients is also used to gain a better understanding of and treat anxiety. Having a better understanding of how anxiety is maintained along with the therapist's support allows one to choose to behave differently. While pharmaceutical intervention is effective in treating anxiety, it is the combination of medication and therapy that is most effective! When anxiety is left untreated it can worsen and significantly impact one's functioning and life satisfaction often resulting is depression. Call us today to begin treating your symptoms of anxiety!