Divorce Mediation

Divorce is something that almost 50% American couples will go through. Although it’s always difficult for both parties, divorce can sometimes turn into an emotionally (and legally) fraught situation. Divorce mediation is a way to communicate and resolve differences in a healthy manner with the help of a third party. Ideally, successful mediation will reduce the chance of costly legal battles. Besides saving money, getting mediation can help ease anger, guilt, and other destructive feelings that divorce can bring up. This makes it an especially good choice for couples who have children at home.

How can therapy help?

Therapists have been trained to teach effective communication, boundaries, and healthy relationships. Having all of these skills at hand helps the therapist act as an ideal third party during a divorce negotiation. Because the therapist is impartial, both sides will be given a chance to communicate their perspective in a calm environment. Sitting down with a mediator helps both people focus on learning to resolve conflict and successfully separate in a constructive environment, rather than a nasty court battle. If applicable, the two parties may also work with the therapist to come up with a healthy co-parenting strategy that works for everyone.