Work Related Stress

In high-pressure jobs, constant stress can cause emotional and even physical problems. Both of these things can end up disrupting productivity and interfering with quality of life. Long-term exposure to on-the-job stress can even lead to burnout, addiction, or other career-ruining problems. The good news is that it is possible to learn how to stop workplace stress from taking over and causing these or other serious problems.

How Therapy Can Help?

If work-related stress is becoming overwhelming, a therapist can be of tremendous help for several reasons. Besides offering supportive and nonjudgemental listening, workers can work with their therapist to learn a variety of useful CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and/or DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) skills and techniques. These techniques include learning to cope with difficult emotions, how to practice mindfulness, and other applicable skills that can actually lessen the impact of stress and increase resiliency on the job as well as in other life areas.